Do you know her? Stomper wants to return her wallet found at Bukit Gombak MRT station Subway outlet

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The wallet's owner has written in to Stomp to identify herself and we will be arranging for her to meet the Stomper. Check back soon for updates.

Original article:

Stomper Ayren, the store manager of a Subway outlet at Bukit Gombak MRT station, is looking for the owner of a wallet her staff found a few days ago (Jul 30).

In a telephone interview with Stomp, she said the wallet is black in colour and has the word 'Boris' printed on it.

Based on photos sent by the Stomper, the wallet contained some cash, an EZ Link card as well as three Starbucks cards.

Said the Stomper with regard to what she found:

"We cannot call the owner as there are no contact details in the wallet.

"Please help me to share this online so we can return the wallet."

Kindly contact us at if you are the owner or if you know the owner of the wallet.