Cancer patient finds mysterious "string" in food but kitchen insists it is food and throws it away

Submitted by Stomper Sam

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Stomper Sam's son was undergoing treatment for cancer at a hospital in Singapore when he found a foreign object in his soup on Friday (Dec 9).

He saw a foreign object in the soup he had for dinner but the chef said it was a part of a ginger.

The Stomper said: "I actually tested the item myself, chewing and pulling on it but the object did not break."

He also claimed the kitchen insisted it was from a piece of food and threw away the item without doing further investigation.

The Stomper was disappointed by their decision and "thought they would do a check for such a big organisation".

However, the Stomper acknowledges that the hospital hired an independent caterer to handle the patients' meals.

The Stomper also requested: "If anyone can identify what this foreign object is, whether it is a string or food, please tell me."