Biker sent flying after slamming right into the back of a van

A biker was left lying injured on the road after slamming into the back of a van.

A clip of the incident was shared by Facebook user Ahh Lan.

It shows a row of vehicles coming to a halt for a red light at a traffic junction, and the van is the last in that row.

A biker, however, comes speeding behind it and attempts to cut across the lane.

However, the motorcyclist ends up slamming right into the stationary van.

The impact sends the rider flying across the road and debris is strewn all over the street.

Another driver has to jam on the breaks to avoid running over the biker, who lay sprawled on the road.

This driver comes out of the vehicle to check on the motorcyclist, and can be seen calling for help on a handphone.

Another driver also stops to help, while the van driver steps out to check on the rider too.

Many netizens commented that they found it strange that the biker road straight into the van.

They argued that the motorcyclist should have been able to spot the row of vehicles.

Some speculated that the rider may have misjudged the lane change at that speed.

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