Biker dies after getting hit by bus at Rochor Canal Rd: Video shows how it happened

A video circulating online shows what exactly happened during an accident involving a motorcycle and a bus along Rochor Canal Rd on May 6 at around 2.45pm, that left a 52-year-old motorcyclist dead.

Stomper LowMinh earlier reported the accident to Stomp after receiving photos from a friend.

In the photos, the motorcyclist can be seen lying on the road with his head beneath the bus.

A video posted on Facebook by shows how the fatal accident occurred.

At the beginning of the video, the motorcyclist can be seen riding precariously close to the right side of the moving bus.

The bus then hit the motorcycle as its 57-year-old driver was making a right turn. The motorcyclist then fell to the ground.

Shortly after impact, the right rear wheel of the bus rolled over the motorcyclist and his vehicle.

The bus remained on top of the victim for about one second before its operator drove off.

The motorcyclist was later pronounced dead by paramedics.

Said a police spokesperson in response to a Stomp query:

“On May 6, 2017, the police were alerted to an accident involving a bus and a motorcycle along Rochor Canal Road towards Arab Street. 

“The 52-year-old motorcyclist was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

“The 57-year-old male bus driver was arrested for causing death by rash act.

“Police investigations are ongoing.”