Ambulance driver who texted while ferrying woman to hospital: He talks on phone while sending other patients, says ex-colleague

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A Stomper wrote in to us highlight the multiples times a colleague of his, an ambulance driver, would talk on his handphone while ferrying patients after seeing a video of him texting while sending a woman to the hospital on Stomp.

Stomper Kelvin had previously posted on Stomp about an incident in which the same ambulance driver was texting while sending his mother to the hospital.

After seeing this, another Stomper sent a video of him talking on his handphone while driving an ambulance, with a patient on a wheelchair inside.

The incident occurred between June to July last year.

"I used to work with him, and he did this on more than one occasion," said the Stomper.

"When I told the director of the company about this, he simply said 'What to do, his character is like that'."

Stomper Kelvin had previously said a company manager had said the driver would receive a two day suspension for texting while driving.

Kelvin felt that was not sufficient as he was endangering the lives of others, and thus wrote in to Stomp.