Alleged bullying at ITE College Central: Student tries to hit youth with hockey stick, then punches him over dispute

A Stomper was allegedly punched by a student over a Whatsapp chat dispute in ITE College Central on Thursday (Oct 8), leaving with injuries on his head and above his eyebrow.

The Stomper said this student was unhappy over comments made on a group chat on Whatsapp, and confronted him with a hockey stick in hand. "He is not a hockey player, and got the stick from his friend," said the Stomper.

The student then argued with the Stomper, before taking a swing at him with the hockey stick, which he caught. Unable to use the hockey stick, the student allegedly punched the Stomper twice on the face, breaking his spectacles in the process.

Deciding that he did not  want to retaliate, the Stomper went to the Student Activities Centre (SAC) to make a complaint, but was asked to look for the Student Guidance Officer (SGO). 

However, while looking for the SGO, he ran into the alleged assailant again. The student realised that the Stomper was looking for the SGO, and took another swing at his head with the hockey stick.

But the student ended up hitting the Stomper's classmate on the forehead instead. "He also tried to provoke me to hit him back, but I refrained from doing so," added the Stomper.

The Stomper's aunt, who wrote in to Stomp about the incident, said that her nephew sat in the office and wrote a report on the incident while bleeding from his wounds.

After this, the Stomper's form teacher brought him and his friend to a clinic nearby. "While he was in the clinic, he received a message from the student saying that he would outside the school for my nephew if he got expelled."

The student was reportedly asked to assist in investigations that day, but was sent back to class. "My nephew was asked to go home to prevent further disputes," said the aunt.

"Why must he sacrifice his studies for the day and be sent home when the bully gets to stay in class," she added.

She has since helped the Stomper's mother to file a police report and write to the Minister of Education on the incident.

Said the Stomper,

"Actually the school rule is that if anyone fights in school, no matter who started the fight, they will get expelled. Even when you're being assaulted you can't fight back or else you'll get expelled too."