$17.80? That's what one customer was charged for this economical rice meal at VivoCity food court

Take a look at the plate of food shown in the photos. Does this meal look like it costs $17.80?

Apparently it does. 

Diner Evelyn Chew was so shocked by the price that she took to Facebook to share her experience at VivoCity's food court.

She was having a meal the the food court and had asked her helper to get herself a meal as well. However, the helper soon returned and asked her for more money as the meal cost $17.80.

Taken aback by the price, she went back to the stall to ask why the meal cost so much.

She was allegedly told that the prawns, of which there were three pieces on the plate, cost $10. She also stated that many of the items on the menu were "ambiguously" priced.

"Put things like $4 and above - Wah the range very huge lor," said Evelyn in her post.

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