SFA takes action against Ghim Moh Road prata stall after staff seen 'using same hand to handle raw and cooked food'

Submitted by Stomper Sim

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is taking enforcement action after an employee at a prata stall at Block 19 Ghim Moh Road was seen 'using the same hand to handle both raw and cooked food'.

Stomper Sim alerted Stomp to the incident that happened on August 19 and shared photos of what he saw.

"Not only was the staff member using the same hand to handle both raw and cooked food, he was also not wearing his mask properly," Sim said.

"When other customers reminded him to wear his mask properly, he told them: 'No one will catch me. Only I will catch them.'

"I also noticed that after he collected money from me, he used the same hand to touch the prata. That is very unhygienic.

"I have reported this to SFA."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for SFA said: "During the Covid-19 period, F&B establishments must implement Safe Management Measures and comply with the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures)(Control Order) Regulations.

"This includes the mandatory requirement for every individual to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times when outside of their homes, except when eating and drinking.

"We urge all F&B operators to comply with the requirement, as the wearing of masks is a key measure to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to protect the health of the individual and those around him.

"SFA inspected the food establishment upon receiving feedback that its workers were not wearing their masks properly and were handling raw and cooked food with the same hand.

"Two workers were found not wearing their masks properly and enforcement action was taken.

"We have reminded the operator to ensure that their workers adhere to Safe Management Measures at all times and will continue to monitor the premises.

"During our inspection, food handlers were also found to be using tongs while handling cooked food.

"Members of the public who come across any potentially errant food operator should report to authorities via the OneService app or via our online feedback form (www.sfa.gov.sg/feedback).

"As part of the enquiry and gathering of evidence, SFA may engage the feedback provider for more details as well as work with other agencies to review the feedback.

"SFA will not hesitate to take enforcement action against errant food handlers if sufficient evidence has been obtained."