Say hello to these new 'residents' at Springdale Condominium

Submitted by Stomper Shamreen

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Stomper Shamreen spotted six monkeys within the compound of Springdale Condominium at Hindhede Walk yesterday (Sep 23) at about 6.15pm.

In the videos, six monkeys can be seen sitting on a railing beside an exercise compound.

One monkey appears to be chewing on a piece of plastic while passers-by observe them from a short distance away.

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"I see the monkeys quite often, especially during the evening time," said Shamreen, a resident at the condominium.

"They usually loiter around the swimming pool and exercise areas.

"Sometimes the security guard will chase them away.

"Otherwise, they will hang around within the condominium for a long time.

"I've heard from my flatmates that they occasionally even come inside the units to take food.

"I think they come from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which is right behind the condominium."

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