$330 reward offered for wallet that went missing 'in less than 1 minute' at Serangoon

Submitted by Stomper NY

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Stomper NY realised that his wallet was missing on May 23 at 7pm, after crossing the road between Block 326 and Block 330 Serangoon Avenue 3.

Less than one minute after buying his food, NY noticed that his wallet was missing from his back pocket, and immediately retraced his steps but could not find it.

He said: "The wallet's brand is Tumi Alpha.

"In it contains my NRIC, driving license, student card, EZ-Link card, various membership cards, and about $50 cash.

"Someone must have picked it up or pick-pocketed me after I purchased my food, because it was just less than 50 metres of walking distance, and less than one minute.

"I am putting a $330 reward as I hope it would be an incentive for the person to do something good again.

"The cash would most likely be gone, but the rest are more important and are of sentimental value, although they are worthless to other people.

"I have quite a unique name. The person can contact me directly via Facebook or through Stomp.

"I hope Stomp can help me spread this. Thank you."

If you have any information about the wallet, kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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