Recall of Starfresh bottled drinking water: Radha Exports confirms no affected bottles in market

Submitted by Stomper Lim, Kohji

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Batches of Starfresh bottled drinking water were recalled by the Singapore Food Agency on June 12 after the presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria was detected during a routine sampling of the product.

Stomper Lim and Stomper Kohji alerted Stomp to the availability of Starfresh drinking water at two Valu$ outlets in 888 Woodlands Drive 50 and Block 631 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Lim bought a bottle of Starfresh drinking water and consumed it before he found out about the recall and thought the product was banned.

Stomp reached out to Radha Exports who founded the company behind the Valu$ chain of stores.

Radha Exports said: "We received notification from the authorities regarding the test results for the particular batches of Starfresh water.

"The batches concerned are as follows: 500 ml Expiry Date 11/05/2021 and 1500ml Expiry Date 13/05/2021.

"All of the affected bottles have been recalled from the shelves and have been dealt with in accordance with the regulatory guidelines of the Singapore authorities.

"The water originated from one of our factories in Malaysia.

"There is no balance of affected bottles on sale in the market at the moment."

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