'Really good-hearted' motorcyclist gets off bike to help woman with walker and trolley cross road

Submitted by Stomper Siva

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Another Good Samaritan has been spotted in Singapore.

A motorcyclist who got off his bike to help an elderly woman with a walker and a trolley cross the road is earning kudos online for his good deed.

Stomper Siva was moved by the video of the incident he saw on TikTok.

"A really good-hearted person who helped a elderly person," said the Stomper.

"That's the true spirit of Singaporeans."

In the 86-second video posted by TikTok user Akasha on Friday (Aug 25), a man wearing a motorcycle helmet is standing next to a parked motorcycle and an elderly woman at a corner at the junction of Kim Pong Road and Tiong Bahru Road.


When the light changed to their favour, both crossed the road with the man pushing a shopping trolley and the woman using a walker.

After reaching the other side of the road, they stopped to wait for the light to change to cross another road. The video ends right after the light changed.

The video appears to be taken by a motorist waiting at the traffic junction and has more than 49,000 views.

The subtitle in Chinese said: "There is warmth everywhere in the world. God bless the good."

Netizens lauded the motorcyclist for his compassion.

"Brother, I salute you" is a typical comment.

But one commenter wondered: "How was the aunty going to push the trolley and use the walker later after the rider left?"

Good question.