Prisoner ruptures and loses eye after fellow inmate rained blows on him

After accusing the latter of reading his letter, a Changi Prison inmate rained blows on a fellow prisoner and stomped on his head, rupturing the victim’s right eye. 

The incident happened in a housing unit on Jun 21, 2016, at around 1.20pm.

The 27-year-old inmate,  Muhammad Noh Faizal Sa’at, was charged with causing grievous hurt to the 51-year-old victim, Osman Kassim, and sentenced to 54 months’ jail and seven strokes of the cane. 

This comes in addition to Noh Faizal’s previous sentence.

He had been sentenced to eight years’ jail and 10 strokes of the cane for drug trafficking. 

Osman had been handing out laundry when Noh Faizal approached him from the back and tapped on his shoulder. 

Osman turned around, and Noh Faizal punched him in his right eye. 

He fell to the ground.

Noh Faisal continued punching and stomping on Osman’s head until he lost consciousness. 

The attacks only stopped when prison guards noticed the commotion and ordered Noh Faizal to stop.

A medical inspection revealed that Osman’s right eyeball had been ruptured and was bleeding. 

Osman was hospitalised for 13 days, and doctors noted that his right eye had become incapable of detecting light.

In another inspection on Oct 26, Osman’s right eye showed no signs of recovery, and he told doctors that it was painful.

A decision was then made to remove the eye completely.

Osman wears an eye prosthesis now. 

Noh Faizal claimed that he had been enraged after finding out that Osman was reading his letters, which led to the attack.

Osman denied the accusations.

The prosecution also pointed out that Noh Faizal’s attack was ‘savage’ and asked for a sentence of at least four years jail and six strokes of the cane.