Police called in after men fight over parking space at Temple Street

Two men clashed over a parking lot along Temple Street in Chinatown on Sunday (Aug 6), with police having to be called in.

The incident took place at around 1pm, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Police officers were seen questioning the two men, who were dressed in a black shirt and a white shirt.

The man in black was spotted looking for something in a black car, while the man in white appeared to be accompanied by a woman carrying a young child.

An ambulance was also at the scene as the man in black had apparently been assaulted by the man in white, though it was the latter who suffered minor injuries.

A restaurant worker told Shin Min: "The man in black was holding a pair of broken glasses that seemed to have been damaged during the altercation."

The police said a 33-year-old man sustained minor injuries but declined conveyance to hospital, while another 33-year-old man is assisting with investigations.

Police investigations are ongoing.