Pasir Ris Park visitors warned about crocodiles after second sighting within a week

Two recent crocodile sightings at Pasir Ris Park were reported, said the National Parks Board (NParks) in response to media queries.

A crocodile was first spotted at 4pm on Aug 1 by a 60-year-old photographer Ted Lee, reports The Straits Times.

Apparently, the 2m-long creature was sunbathing on the mudflat of Sungei Tampines, in Pasir Ris Park.

Mr Lee had expressed his surprise at finding a crocodile in Pasir Ris Park.

He had only known them to exist at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve prior to his sighting.

According to Mr Lee, the crocodile moved away after some students made noise and took photos of it.

NPark’s group director for the parks, Mr Chia Seng Jiang, also told The Straits Times that despite Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve being separated from Pasir Ris via the Causeway, some estuarine crocodiles have been known to swim freely in the Johor Straits.

A second sighting was reported on Aug 5 in the waters off the beach in the park.

However, Mr Chia assured residents and park-goers that the crocodiles usually stay in the water or at mudflats which are a distance away from visitors routes.

However, he added that NParks will be monitoring the sighting and taking steps to move the crocodiles elsewhere should they continue to travel into areas which are publicly accessible within the park.

Other than that, warning signs and advisory notices have also been placed up in the park to warn the public.

Visitors who come across a crocodile should stay calm and back away slowly.

They should not approach, provoke, or feed the animal.

Visitors can also call the NParks helpline at 1800-471 7300 for assistance.