Paddlers in canoes not wearing life jackets off coast of Sentosa raise concern

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A steersman on a boat was concerned to see paddlers at sea not wearing life jackets in the wake of the recent death of a kayaker near the area.

Stomper Fytrie shared a video of the paddlers in two canoes recently.

"A group of sports enthusiasts were engaged in unsafe water sports along the fairways without life jackets," said the Stomper.

But because of their distance from the Stomper's boat, it is not clear in the video whether the paddlers had life jackets on.

Sharing a map of their location off the coast of Sentosa, the Stomper said: "The red circles are where they were.

"Not being a busybody. It's the sea and free for everyone to roam, but just have safety awareness."

The body of kayaker Chew Jia Tian was found on Oct 24 after she went missing when her kayak capsized off the coast of Sentosa two days earlier. She was 33.

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