Otters somehow learn to read instructions after showing up at Hwa Chong Institution

A romp of otters somehow found their way to the gates of Hwa Chong Institution.

In an adorable video of what happened posted on Everyday SG, the critters can first be seen scurrying around a grass patch outside the school.

There were passersby around, but they seemed to be disinterested by the presence of the otters.

After the halfway mark of the video, the nine cuddly animals made their way to the gates of the prestigious school.

Some of them briefly entered the compound, but did not stick around for long. The otters somehow understood the instructions on a sign on the gate that read 'Private property no trespassing'.

At the end of the video, the group can be seen running off on a pavement.

A caption on the video read:

"Mi... next year Ah Boy go JC. Let's whole family go recce."