New video shows lorry driver hitting car before going against traffic and bulldozing cars at Loyang Flyover

Submitted by Stomper Eileen, Eric

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A new video shows what happened just before a lorry driver went against the flow of and bulldozed cars at Loyang Flyover at 10pm on Apr 20.

Stomper Eric had previously submitted a video of the incident to Stomp, which resulted in two people being sent to the hospital.

The clip shows how a bus narrowly avoided a collision with the lorry, while the latter pushed several other cars out of its way.

A new clip submitted by Stomper Eileen shows the precise moments just before the lorry driver lost control of the vehicle.

In the video, the lorry comes speeding down a bend.

However, after hitting the road divider, the lorry goes careening towards the right, knocking a car along the way.

It is after this that the lorry driver ended up going against traffic and bulldozing other vehicles.