Mysterious black ring appears once again over Sentosa

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If you were near Sentosa last Thursday (Jan 5), you may have seen a mysterious black ring in the sky.

The sight attracted the attention and confusion of several passers-by including Facebook user Vin Swee who shared photos and videos of the ring in the Singapore Incidents group.

"I don't know what I just saw," he said, adding that he took the footage from HarbourFront.


Posted by Vin Swee on Thursday, January 5, 2023

The sight got several netizens speculating on what the ring actually is: some joked it was an 'alien portal' while other said it was a bizarre bird formation.

This is not the first time a black ring has been spotted in the sky over Sentosa.

Last November, another netizen spotted a similar sight and asked the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook group what it was.

In 2017, Stomp reported on another black ring shared by SGAG.

At the time, the most rational explanation was that it was a smoke ring from fireworks machines used for the Wings of Time show.

Another Stomper shared with Stomp a video of a similar ring over Disneyland in the United States on Jan 4.

Netizens were quick to debunk alien conspiracy theories by suggesting it emerged after a fireworks show.