Mutilated turtle found at Bedok Reservoir Park

Submitted by Stomper Mancis

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Mancis was jogging at Bedok Reservoir Park with his girlfriend on Sunday afternoon (Dec 1) when he caught a whiff of a foul stench.

He subsequently discovered the badly decomposed carcass of a turtle covered in flies.

"It was turned upside down with no head and missing body some limbs," he said.

"We could even smell the stench from a distance away."

The Stomper, who lives at Bedok Reservoir, added that this is the first time he has come across a turtle's carcass at the park.

"A few years ago, I did see a fisherman catch a turtle but he released it back into the water," he said.

"I suspect someone might have caught the turtle and played around with it, that's why it's missing some body parts."

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