Mum denies that 3-year-old girl's ear might have been bruised at home

The mother who allegedly found bruises on her three-year-old daughter's ear has responded to a statement from the school which her child had been attending.

In Facebook posts that have since gone viral, Ms Claudia Kwan recounted how she found 'traumatic bruising' on her daughter's ear after the latter returned home from school on Feb 14.

The school later said in a statement that one of its teachers had first found bruises below the girl's eye on the day of the incident.

According to the school, Ms Kwan explained this was caused by an accident at home involving her son.

About two hours later, another teacher noticed a bruise on the girl's ear. However, the child similarly claimed she had been accidentally hurt by her brother at home, said the school.

As such, the school did not take immediate action to inform Ms Kwan about the girl's bruised ear, adding that it "did not find any incident or circumstances that could have caused those injuries in the kindergarten".

However, in a new Facebook post yesterday (March 13), Ms Kwan said that the bruise below her daughter's cheek and the "fresh" bruise on her daughter's ear are "very different".

She wrote: "There is simply NO reason to classify the different bruises as the same bruise.

"In the morning her hair was tied up, her hair was not covering her ear. The daily checkup teacher would have seen the bruise if it was present before going to school.

"The teacher claimed that when she asked my daughter, she said it was her brother. But this information was not told to me at all. I asked my daughter and she mentioned that she didn't say that."

Read Ms Kwan's full post below.