Caught in crossfire? Mercedes driver flashes middle finger, Lexus brake checks Stomper at Delta Road

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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Collateral damage?

A motorist was apparently caught in the middle of a spat between the drivers of a Mercedes-Benz and a Lexus at Delta Road on Friday morning (March 31).

Stomper Tan shared a dash cam video of the incident which took place at the junction of Delta Road and Ganges Avenue at 8.54am.

He recounted: "The Mercedes on the left actually needed to slow down to merge lanes with the bus. Then when this Mercedes guy flashed the middle finger at this Lexus, why did the Lexus brake check me instead?"

The video shows that after the light turned green, the Mercedes tried to cut into the lane of the Lexus but could not, either because of the Lexus or another vehicle in front of the Lexus that cannot be seen in the video as it was blocked by the Lexus.

Just as the Lexus overtook the Mercedes, the driver of the Mercedes stuck out his arm through the car window and showed his middle finger.

The driver of the Lexus then suddenly slowed down and briefly cut into the lane of the Mercedes. Was it a reaction to the middle finger?

But because the Stomper was driving the cam car behind the Lexus, it was the Stomper who had to brake suddenly.

After wavering for a moment or two, the Lexus then returned to its own lane and accelerated away.