Monkeys 'invade' tennis court in middle of game at Bukit Timah country club: 'Bit of a distraction'

Submitted by Stomper James

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What is padel tennis?

It is similar to pickleball. Among other differences, instead of a lightweight perforated plastic ball, pedal tennis players use a tennis ball.

Not that the monkeys would know.

Stomper James shared photos of a couple of long-tail macaques on the court at the Swiss Club in Bukit Timah on Sept 6 at 8.30am.

"The Swiss Club padel tennis is very popular," said the Stomper. "There was a court invasion mid-game.

"We continued play but they were a bit of a distraction. They are seen quite often as it is a very wooded area and I believe the club and wildlife have co-existed very well for many years.

"It is accepted as part of life in a country club!"

If you encounter monkeys in the open, the National Parks Board advises: "Remain calm and quiet and do not make any sudden movements or maintain eye contact with them. Instead, look away and back off slowly.

"Keep away from the area until they have left.

"Macaques also associate plastic bags with presence of food and will try to snatch it them upon sight. We advise members of public to keep plastic bags out of macaques’ sight when spotted."