Mindef gives shout-out to MVPs of SAF Day parade rehearsals -- the 'water boys'

For the 20th consecutive year, the First Commando Battalion clinched the Best Combat Unit title in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) last week.

@mindefsg The Commandos have done it again! 20th straight Best Combat Unit title. For Honour and Glory! #SAFDay #HormatSAF #Commando #militarytiktok #miltok ♬ original sound - Ministry of Defence

But the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) has not forgotten about the rest of us non-red beret types.

On SAF Day (July 1), Mindef paid tribute to those who do not usually get the spotlight they deserve even though their role in our national defence is no less critical.

The ministry posted on TikTok a "shout out to the MVPs of the SAF Day parade rehearsals" with a 11-second video of servicemen carrying a high-pressure spray can spraying water on the back of other servicemen standing at attention in the parade square of the SAFTI Military Institute at Upper Jurong Road.

One servicewoman, who was presenting arms, said "thank you".

The caption read: "Watering soldiers to make them cool for #SAF Day Parade."

@mindefsg Watering soldiers to make them cool for #SAF Day Parade. #hormatSAF #militaryparade #parademilitary #keepingcool #fyp #foryoupage #tiktoksg #mindefsg ♬ original sound - Ministry of Defence

The video has since garnered more than 300,000 views.

The top comment on the video is "watering strawberries", a likely reference to the "strawberry generation", with one netizen commenting that servicemen in the past did not get such "nice treatment".

But other netizens defended the practice, citing global warming.

One commenter gave a thumbs-up to the "water boy", adding: "Tough job."

The last thing we want is for the "water boys" themselves to get heatstroke.

Below are the highlights of the actual SAF Day parade on Saturday.