Men shout and argue over baby chair at The Centrepoint food court during lunchtime

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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The lunchtime rush can be stressful, especially when dozens of people are searching for a place to eat at the same time.

Tensions were high when two fathers argued over a baby high chair at food court Malaysia Boleh at The Centrepoint on April 27.

A Stomper was at a nearby eatery when she witnessed the dispute at about 12pm.

"A Singaporean man was shouting and fighting with a Japanese man over the baby chair," the Stomper said.

"It was a busy afternoon and the place was crowded."

According to the Stomper, the Singaporean man was seen angrily snatching the chair and shouting at the other man, telling him to 'put down the chair now!'

"At some point, the kids of the Singaporean man could be heard crying and screaming, 'Daddy, can you go take another chair?'"

The argument went on for over five minutes.

"The Singaporean man then ironically told the Japanese man: 'Do you think I have so much time to fight with you over a chair?'" said the Stomper who felt embarrassed as a fellow Singaporean.

"What a disgrace!"