Men cut queue for Transformers ride at USS because they are 'rushing to catch flight'

Submitted by Stomper Thandar

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Does rushing to catch a flight entitle you to jumping queues?

A group of men at Universal Studios Singapore apparently thought so.

Stomper Thandar said he had been queuing for the Transformers ride at the theme park last Monday afternoon (Feb 6) when a group of five tourists cut the line.

Sharing photos and videos of the men, Thandar recounted: "It was around 12pm and we had been waiting for our turn for almost one hour, as it was quite a busy day and a bit crowded.

"While waiting, a group of tourists cut our queue and jumped in front of us. They skipped almost two rows of people in the waiting area (around 20 visitors).

"All the customers waiting behind were shouting and trying to talk to them, but they didn't even care at all."

Thandar tried to intervene, but his efforts were futile.

He said: "I nicely informed them that if they were in a rush, by all means buy the express passes and go in, instead of displaying such inconsiderate behaviour.

"One of them replied that they were rushing for a flight and had to go back soon.

"While I was still talking to them, one of them was shouting and acted like he wanted to punch me or fight me.

"In fact, they cut the queue on purpose. They were not going back anytime soon and were enjoying their whole day there.

"The purpose of sharing this to to highlight their inconsiderate and rude behaviour towards everyone."

The Stomper, a migrant worker in Singapore, added: My friends and I are foreigners too, but we obey the law and practices in Singapore."