McDonald's checks CCTV after Stomper asks how live cockroach got into burger, finds no lapse

McDonald's has responded to feedback from a customer who said she found a live cockroach on her Filet-O-Fish burger.

Stomper FL said her boyfriend had gotten her the meal from McDonald's Funan Mall outlet on Dec 12, at around 6.56pm.

She recounted in an earlier Stomp report: "I opened the box properly and saw feelers moving and confirmed that it was a live cockroach!"

FL also shared a video of the cockroach on her food and said the incident left her "traumatised".

She further explained why she believes the cockroach came from the fast food restaurant, adding: "We want McDonald's to check the CCTV."

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) told Stomp on Dec 15 that it was looking into the matter.

In response to a Stomp query, a McDonald's spokesperson said on Dec 19: "Upon being alerted of the incident, our quality assurance team took immediate action with further investigation from the relevant authorities like SFA and our pest control company including checking of our restaurant's CCTV.

"At McDonald’s, we recognise high hygiene standards as an integral part of our business, and we take all feedback relating to the quality of our food very seriously.

"While there was no deviation or lapse in the safety of our food preparation process, we’re sorry to hear about our customer’s experience.

"We would like to clarify that following the investigation, we have reached out directly to the customer to share the findings and more importantly, extended our sincere offer to make good her experience."