Man upset by $0.50 CNY surcharge on 'lousy' coffee shop meal: 'Should impose on all public holidays'

Submitted by Stomper Michel

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A diner was upset at having to pay an additional $0.50 surcharge for his meal at Block 25 New Upper Changi Road on Feb 11.

There was a surcharge as it was the second day of the Lunar New Year.

Stomper Michel paid a total of $5 for a plate of hor fun with barbecued pork and wantons.

He said: "This lousy food with tiny slices of char siew from a shitty food stall cost me $5 ($4.50+ $0.50 additional CNY fee).

"Why impose that $0.50 on customers only during Chinese New Year?

"Next time, should impose extra $0.50 on all 11 public holidays in Singapore too. Starting from Year 2024 onwards to be fair and square!"

Sarcasm aside, be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes...