Man 'temporarily blinded' by van that flashed headlights multiple times on TPE

Submitted by Stomper Chao Wei

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Stomper Chao Wei was driving along the Tampines Expressway (TPE) towards Changi on May 26, when he saw a van flashing its headlights several times, apparently to deter other vehicles from filtering into its lane.

In a video shared by Chao Wei, a van is seen flashing its headlights as it approached from a distance away.

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The van only stopped flashing its headlights when it passed a black car on its right, who was signalling to filter into the middle lane.

Chao Wei said: "This van with the plate number 'GBG5368X' flashed his headlights multiple times for no reason even when the road was clear, and caused me temporary blindness.

"He seemed to want to prevent others from filtering into the second lane.

"He was driving on the second lane throughout, which is not allowed unless he wants to overtake other vehicles.

"Please take action against such reckless traffic offenders.

"He is a dangerous driver committing serious traffic offences."

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