Man shoots stones at birds and disturbs them with long stick in Yio Chu Kang

Submitted by Stomper May

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While many appreciate sharing their space with wildlife, others can find it triggering.

One man was seen shooting stones at birds and using a long stick to chase them away at Cactus Road in Yio Chu Kang.

Stomper May shared clips of birds that visit the area and her neighbour disturbing their peace.

In one of the clips, he appears to be using what appears to be a slingshot to shoot stones at the birds from a window.

"This man likes to shoot the birds with stones," May said.

"Lately, he uses a long stick to hit at trees where birds come to rest.

"The birds are a little noisy but are beautiful and part of nature.

"I am sharing this because I don't want any animals or birds to get hurt and what he is doing is not right.

"He is already an old man and should love nature and not hurt it."

May added that if she sees the man attacking the birds again, she will make a police report.