Man rough sleeping at Clementi block not homeless, claims not to know woman lying next to him

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has found the man who was rough sleeping at the staircase of a Clementi HDB block.

An MSF spokesperson said that officers from their Social Service Office (SSO) found the man on Feb 8.

"The man owns a home and lives with his family," the spokesperson said.

"However, he had chosen to sleep at the stairwell rather than go home.

"He claimed to not know the woman who had been sleeping next to him and refused to provide officers further information to help identify her."

SSO officers also verified that the man did not need financial assistance. Apart from owning his own home, his children are supporting him.

When he was told he should not be rough sleeping, the man apologised and said he would stop doing so.

Stomp earlier reported that a resident at the block had posted photos of the man sleeping at the staircase, seeking advice on how to tackle the issue.

According to the resident, the man had been sleeping there for two months and was 'adamant' about staying near his girlfriend who stays in the same block.

She expressed concern over 'public urination and inappropriate behaviour'.

The MSF told Stomp the case had been brought to their attention on Feb 3 and had made several attempts to reach out to the man but had been unable to locate him before Feb 8.

"Persons with relationship difficulties with family members may sometimes rough sleep rather than return home," MSF said.

"We would like to advise them and their family members to seek to resolve their differences.

"Those who already have a roof over their heads but choose to rough sleep cause disamenity to the community, and so should refrain from doing so."

Others who rough sleep may be in need of support or shelter, MSF and the PEERS network stand ready to help them.

Members of the public who encounter such persons may call the ComCare Hotline at 1800-222-0000, email the PEERS office at, or submit a request via the Help Neighbour feature on the OneService application.

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