Man loans scooter out -- only to get slapped with $10K of fines from renter

A 28-year-old man who rented a scooter from a friend but could not afford the monthly S$1,000 instalments leased it out to a third party --- only to get slapped with almost S$10,000 of fines. 

The man had ‘rented’ the vehicle off a friend three years ago, paying for the monthly loans even though the scooter was still registered under the former’s name, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

However, he later found the loans too much for him to bear.

Consulting his friend, the two decided to ‘rent’ it out to a third party.

However, not only did the person not pay for the instalments, he further incurred several summons, totaling up to almost S$10,000. 

Said the man:

“I thought that everything would be fine after I rented out the scooter.

“However in Oct 2016, my friend suddenly told me that the person did not pay for the instalments and often parked the vehicle illegally, resulting in many summons. 

“As the vehicle was still registered under my friend’s name, all the summons and bills were delivered to his house instead.

“Thus, he wanted me to pay for the S$10,000 cost.”

From March 2017, the owner of the vehicle engaged a legal debt collector firm to claim the money back from his friend.

The solicitors would knock on his door and shout his name, leaving some bills at his gates before leaving.

Between March and May 2017, the creditor solicitors came down to the man’s house a total of five times, each time scaring the man’s mother and sisters.

Said the man’s 60-year-old mother:

“The men always look so fierce.

“My blood pressure goes up just by looking at them. 

“I’ve been suffering from insomnia because of this, and I’ll get nervous each time I sense movement outside the flat.”

The family has lodged two police reports so far, but were unable to stop the solicitors. 


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