Man catches and kills free-roaming chicken in park

The New Paper
Feb 19, 2024

Just because there are free-roaming chickens on this island, it does not mean they are free for the taking.

Netizen Joel Lee on Feb 17 shared in the Facebook group Nature Society Singapore a series of photos showing a man with a live chicken and killing it.

The chicken is believed to be one of the many free-roaming ones commonly seen in Singapore.

Taking the live chicken to a hoarding in what looks like a park, the man in blue is caught on camera killing the bird. It is unclear if he used a knife or his bare hands to kill it.

Acres co-CEO Anbarasi Boopal told Mothership that it is illegal to remove animals from the wild without approval from NParks and that it would file a report on the case.

Under the Wildlife Act 1965, "a person must not intentionally kill, trap, take or keep any wildlife in any place unless the person has the Director‑General’s written approval to do so".

Offenders can be fine, jailed or both.

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