Man angrily throws cash at crying GrabFood uncle after waiting 2 hours for food: Is it a prank?

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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How could someone be so cruel?

A man was caught on camera throwing cash at a crying GrabFood rider after waiting two hours for the food, which he said had turned cold.

A Stomper came across the 32-second video shared on June 9 by a TikTok user named davidekchor.

"Please make him famous," said the Stomper, referring to the man who berated the elderly food delivery rider in the video.


The TikTok user davidekchor asked in the comments how you would feel if the rider were your father?

The top comment on the video is: "This better be a prank. I feel so bad."

Many of the commenters castigated the younger man for being a rude bully.

Several netizens suggested that it could be a prank and at least two seemed to be aware the incident was staged for the camera.

One netizen commented: "Wah, these smartasses in the comments think it's real when there's like three different f***ing camera angles."

The other pointed out: "If in Singapore, I think this guy already 'kena hentam' ('beaten up' in Malay) even before the camera crew came to tell (them) it’s a social experiment."

The clip is in fact part of a longer video shot in Kuala Lumpur by a Malaysian content creator named Leeroy Wong, who indeed called it a "social experiment".

The rider and the man throwing money at him were actually actors.

So no GrabFood uncle was harmed in the making of the video.