Man allegedly lures investors into funding 'KTV bar', then flees with $229k

A man is accused of cheating $229,000 from three prospective investors whom he had allegedly convinced to invest in a KTV lounge.

The 31-year-old man reportedly became uncontactable after getting the money, and the three victims have since lodged a police report.

The accused is understood to be from China,  but is now a Singapore permanent resident (PR), reports Lianhe Wanbao

One of the victims has uploaded the police report online detailing the incident.

According to the report, the three victims — two men and one woman — had decided to invest in the KTV lounge in December last year.

The accused allegedly told them that he intended to purchase a KTV lounge and asked if they wanted to invest in his venture. 

The three of them agreed. 

Between December 2017 and January 2018, the three of them handed him $115000, $57,000, and $57,000 respectively.

The accused reportedly made many withdrawals from the capital.

This was done through various means, including cash withdrawals from ATMs, cheques and bank transfers between February and April this year. 

A total of $64,700 was withdrawn.

At the moment, some of the money from the investors is still unaccounted for. 

The accused reportedly made his last withdraw from an ATM on April 22 this year, taking out $4,300.

He is alleged to have taken a flight from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand on the same night. 

The three victims believe that the accused is currently hiding in the province of Fujian in China. 

It is understood that the accused had set up a shell company, where he was listed as the director.

The three victims were listed as shareholders and investors.

In addition to the police report, the three have also uploaded the personal details of the accused to appeal for information from the public.

In response to media queries, a police spokesman confirmed that a report was lodged, and investigations are ongoing.

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