Please help! I lost my engagement ring and its box at Yishun Street 11

Submitted by Stomper Steph

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Stomper Steph is appealing for help in locating her engagement ring, which she lost at Yishun Street 11 yesterday morning (Oct 28), at around 8.20am.

The ring is inside its beige box from eClarity.

Steph told Stomp in a Facebook message:

"I have lost my engagement ring on the morning of Oct 28, at around 8.20am at Yishun Street 11.

"The ring is inside a beige ring box from eClarity.

"The ring box may have dropped out of my bag when I was taking things from the bag while walking to the bus stop in front of Yishun Street 11, Block 121."

Kindly contact us at if you have any info about the ring. Alternatively, you can contact us via WhatsApp at 9384 3761.