Lorry carrying gas tanks mounts kerb and crashes into tree at Woodlands St 13

Submitted by Stomper Ming Feng

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Stomper MIng Feng saw the after math of an accident in which a lorry had mounted the kerb and crashed into a tree at Woodlands Street 13 at 1.15pm today (Nov 6).

The front of the lorry was badly damaged, and traffic police officers were seen at the location.

An ambulance was also at the scene of the accident.

It is unclear exactly how or why the lorry ended up mounting the kerb and crashing into a tree.

In response to Stomp's queries, an SCDF spokesperson said that they were alerted to the case at about 1pm, involving a lorry.

"Upon arrival, we ascertained that there was no gas leakage and no one was hurt," said the spokesperson.

"The man refused to be conveyed to the hospital," the spokesperson added.