Jurong couple engages police in 600m car chase to evade spot check, arrested for drug offences

A couple was arrested after leading police officers on a 600m car chase in an attempt to evade a spot check.

According to The Straits Times, the police were first alerted to a 'suspicious vehicle' along Jurong East Street 32 on Sunday (Nov 5), at around 12.47pm.

When an officer asked the 26-year-old female driver to stop, she sped away instead. 

During their escape attempt, the female driver collided with another vehicle.

Officers retrieved two bags, believed to contain drugs, after searching the couple's vehicle. 

A witness, Mr Ye, told Shin Min Daily News that he was at a coffeeshop nearby when he heard loud noises, and discovered that seven to eight

patrol vehicles had gathered on the road. 

Mr Ye said that he saw a man being escorted away by officers and the atmosphere was tense. 

He added:

"A grey car was parked by the side of the road and was flanked by the police patrol vehicles on both sides. "

Both the female driver and her 31-year-old male passenger were arrested for drug and traffic-related offences.

Police investigations are ongoing.