Jianhao Tan gets $958k Lambo after Merc for his 30th birthday: 'A dream come true'

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June 20, 2023

The best birthday presents are the ones you get for yourself.

YouTuber Tan Jianhao certainly “spoiled himself” when he turned 30 recently, buying a Lamborghini supercar.

"A dream come true," Tan wrote in the captions of a TikTok video posted last Saturday (June 17)

The clip shows him picking up the striking green Lamborghini Huracan EVO at the dealership on his birthday, on June 14.

While he didn't reveal the cost of his new set of wheels, a brand new model of the supercar costs a whopping $958,000, according to Carbuyer. 

One downside though is that the car is a two-seater, so when his daughter Starley climbed into the passenger seat, Tan quipped that he had to leave his wife, influencer Debbie Soon, behind at the dealership. 

A tad harsh, considering Soon had surprised him with a Mercedes G63 back in April.


It’s a dream come true even comes with free footprints

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