Jam Hsiao, 36, marrying his manager, 50: She initially felt he should see more of the world

Lim Ruey Yan
The Straits Times
Aug 22, 2023

Marriage is on the cards for Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jam Hsiao, but what about kids?

The 36-year-old disclosed on social media in late June that he had proposed to his long-time manager Summer Lin, 50.

On the question of having children, she wrote in Chinese on social media on Tuesday: “Marriage and having children have never been on my bucket list, as I know true love does not come just because I worked hard on it. Unwilling to give birth and unable to give birth are different.”

She posted two photos of herself and Hsiao in conjunction with Qixi Festival, more popularly known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, which fell on Tuesday.

“We have thought about this issue many times over the years,” Lin wrote. “It will be love if we have kids, and it will be love too if we do not have kids.”

She said it would be a choice and not something they have to do.

She also talked about her relationship with Hsiao, with whom she has worked since his debut 16 years ago, after he shot to fame on the reality singing competition One Million Star in 2007.

“Initially, I did not support the decision for him to share our love publicly, as I felt that it should not affect his career and that he should see more of the world,” she wrote. But she added that she was moved after “he seriously discussed the future with me” when he was 30.

She acknowledged the differing views on their age gap. “Everyone has a different family background and growing-up environment, so the life which everyone pursues will be different,” she wrote.

Other than Lin’s declaration of love for Hsiao, several other Taiwanese celebrities also shared good news on Qixi Festival. Actor Liu Kuan-ting said he has succeeded in proposing to his long-time girlfriend, actress Sun Ke-fong, whom he has been dating for about 15 years. And actress Patty Wu announced that she has married her Japanese boyfriend, whom she has been seeing on and off for 13 years.

Meanwhile, actor Emerson Tsai, who was recently in director Giddens Ko’s movie Miss Shampoo (2023), and singer R-chord separately announced that their wives were each pregnant with their second child.

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