'Male commuter in dress' forcefully prevents train door from closing at MRT station in another video

An MRT passenger was caught on camera forcefully preventing the train door from closing at a station.

It is believed the incident took place at Braddell MRT station on Nov 27.

The passenger is first seen standing in front of the open door of the train, which had stopped at the station.

When the doors started to close after the "doors are closing" announcement, the passenger suddenly used his right hand to keep one door from sliding shut.

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Posted by Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road on Saturday, 2 December 2023

This comes in the wake of an earlier viral video where a commuter tried to force open the doors of a moving train on Nov 29.

It is believed the same person was involved in both incidents.

In a statement regarding the Nov 29 incident, SMRT Trains president Lam Sheau Kai said "a male commuter who was in a dress" was trying to force open the door as the train was about to move off.

Mr Lam added: "We take a very serious view of such behaviours and TransCom was activated and arrived on site. We are assisting the police in their investigations."

He also said: "There are several videos circulating on social media showing the same commuter attempting to pry open a train door."

Police said investigations are ongoing.