Instant karma for cyclist who rides on road like a reckless goondu

A cyclist ended up eating pavement after recklessly cutting in front of a car on Jun 18.

The incident was caught on video and posted on's Facebook page by Daniel S.

The cyclist had come out of nowhere and cut in front of the car, almost causing an accident.

Fortunately, the driver slowed down in time but he proceeded to honk angrily at the cyclist who looked back and continued to cycle.

The cyclist then turned into a carpark in order to cycle on the pavement but ended up hitting the curb, flying off his bike and landing on the pavement.

The driver then drove past and shouted, "Ni siao ah?" or "You crazy ah?" in English.

Although several netizens believe the cyclist got his just desserts for cycling like a maniac with no care for road rules, others admonished the driver for just shouting at the poor kid and driving off instead of stopping to help.

"Yes cyclist was wrong.. he deserved a horn or 2... but he didn't [deserve] that fall... driver should be ashamed of himself for not helping.. no spot for childish drivers on the road please," wrote Facebook user Irwan Loy.

"With this skill level. I really think he shouldn't ride on the road. If i am driver i will purposely come out help him. Make him feel more paiseh. Hope his injury not [too] serious. Don't think he had a helmet on," chimed in Shaun Foo.

Watch the video below.