Instagrammer denies being scantily-clad woman flirting with Johor cop

A woman who was accused of being the scantily-clad female seen with a policeman in Johor's Segamat District has refuted the claims.

The incident sparked off with a viral photo that showed a police officer sitting in his patrol car and holding onto the hand of a woman who was dressed in a singlet and shorts.

The officer was later removed from his patrol unit and investigations are ongoing.

Netizens also believe that the woman in the image is a prostitute.

In a post on Oct 9, Instagram user @bebyluerena denied being the woman with the cop.

She said that many friends had sent her the photo in question and asked if that was her.

"I really like policemen [but] this is not me," she wrote. "Sorry again, she's not me. That's all."

She later added in another post that she had been with her mother in Bangi, Selangor, on Oct 8, which was also when the picture was taken.

See more pictures of the Instagrammer in the gallery above.