Injured delivery rider grateful to passers-by who helped him after his bike skidded at Redhill

Submitted by Stomper Peter

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He said he fainted.

A delivery rider lost consciousness after his power-assisted bicycle skidded near a carpark entrance close to Block 75A Redhill Road on Sept 16 just before 8pm.

He suffered a spinal cord injury in the neck as well as a knee injury and was hospitalised until Sept 22.

Stomper Peter said: "I was quite seriously injured and I think I fainted for a short while. It was the passers-by who helped to move me to the pavement and called the ambulance for me.

"I didn't get a chance to thank the general public who assisted me in that accident. Without their assistance, I think the consequences would have been very detrimental to my health.

"I think one of those who attended to me was from the healthcare industry. He checked and ensured that I didn't suffer any fractures before moving me to the pavement with assistance from the others."

After the Stomper was discharged from Singapore General Hospital, he was given 36 days of medical leave.

Peter said that he can still move around, but he has to be careful.

"Recently, I have observed my spinal cord seems to be strained as it is quite difficult to turn my head right and left," he told Stomp.

Since the accident, the 50-year-old Grab rider has not been able to work and has no income.

"I will try to manage by trying to get loans from friends to tide me over," said Peter, who is taking care of a brother with dementia.

"It is good that Grab has given riders this Chubb insurance coverage free of charge, but the claiming procedure is very complicated.

"I just need to know the process of the insurance claim and how long would it take for the payout to be reimbursed to me."