Indonesian groom backs out of wedding, leaving bride to marry his father

The New Paper
Sept 5, 2023

A wedding ceremony in Indonesia went viral recently after it was reported that the groom had cold feet just before the solemnization and had to be replaced – by his father.

According to a report by TribunNews, the groom, from Obi Islands, apparently fled the wedding ceremony on Aug 29, leaving his future bride in the lurch.

To spare her and her family from further embarrassment, the groom’s father had to stand in during the solemnization.

A video of the affair was published on Instagram, and shows a man wearing a long-sleeved batik shirt sitting opposite another, thought to be the father of the bride.

It was also reported that the bride’s family had spent some 25 million rupiah (S$2,200) on the wedding.

In another online report, a family member of the bride said that before the wedding, the groom was allegedly caught entering the bride's room.

"We have had a mediation session with the police. The groom admitted that he was in a relationship with the bride, and was ready to marry her," the family member said.

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