Inconsiderate uncle washes his foot in sink for kids in Hougang hawker centre toilet

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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How would you react if you were to see this?

A man was caught on camera washing his foot in a public toilet at Kovan Market and Food Centre in Hougang on March 26.

A Stomper shared a brief video of the man bending forward and rubbing his bare foot under running water from a tap in a sink that is lower to the ground as it is meant for children.

"The inconsiderate uncle washed his feet and slippers in a public toilet sink for kids," said the Stomper.

A typical reaction by netizens to such incidents would be to fault the Stomper for taking the video instead of confronting the man if the Stomper believed the man was doing something wrong.

Would you tell him to stop doing it?

How do you think he would react?