Hougang resident getting final notice to remove clutter or it will be cleared within 7 days

Submitted by Stomper CP

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A resident has been served with a final notice to remove clutter from the common areas of Block 693 Hougang Street 61.

Failure to comply within seven days will result in the items being removed, Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC) told Stomp.

Their statement comes after Stomper CP shared photos of numerous bulky items cluttering the common walkway on the ground floor of the block.

CP said: "Despite multiple complaints via the OneService app, this inconsiderate resident has at least three wheelchairs, a swing, two personal mobility devices and two bookshelves outside the house, forcing neighbours to walk under the rain instead of being sheltered."

The Stomper also said this has been going on for "at least four years".

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson said AMKTC was drawn to the case of obstruction at the ground floor of Block 693 Hougang Street 61.

"Since 2020, AMKTC has assisted the resident several times to remove the items placed in the common area for safety reasons," added the spokesperson.

"However, during our regular inspections, we have noticed that additional items have been placed in the same area.

"AMKTC will serve a final reminder notice to the resident on Dec 11 and will clear away the items in the common area within seven days of the date of the reminder."

The town council also reminded residents on the need to keep common areas free of obstructions, adding: "This would minimise mosquito breeding and potential fire hazards."

The spokesperson said: "AMKTC will continue to engage and provide the necessary support to our residents to create a great place for our residents to live, work and play."

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