Private-hire car stranded at Upper Bukit Timah condo pool: 'Jokes aside, hope the driver is fine'

Submitted by Stomper Kok

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As if it is not wet enough already.

A white Honda Vazel somehow ended up stranded at the pool at The Hillside condominium in Upper Bukit Timah Road on Tuesday night (Feb 28).

Sharing a photo of the car at the side of the pool with its two front tyres in the water, Stomper Kok said it happened at 10pm.

Other photos were also posted online.

One post said that it was a private-hire vehicle and added: "Driver lost his way in the rain and nearly went into the pool."

@marketplaceforads The 2023 Hillside Condo Car Pooling incident Singapore. A new meaning to what carpooling means. #singapore #singaporetiktok #mothership #singapore #fyp ♬ 芭比q了 - 邓家忠

A TikToker who shared a video of the car in the rain said it was a Grab driver.

The video has more than 18,000 views.

The TikToker joked: "A new meaning to what carpooling means."

Netizens also cracked wise about Duck Ride, free car wash and more.

One commenter said: "Bro thought his car was a submarine"

At least some people showed concern for the driver. One commented: "Jokes aside, hope the driver is fine."

Stomp has reported similar mishaps in 2019 and 2016.