Pasir Ris East residents revive kampung spirit with NDP celebrations at CC

Stomper Jeremy said that the residents of Pasir Ris East revived the kampung spirit by celebrating National Day together at the Community Club there.

The large group even took a selfie style picture to mark their turnout for the event.

Jeremy said:

"Not able to join the 2014 National Day Parade celebration at the Floating Platform? No worries, say Pasir Ris East residents.

"They revived the ‘Kampung Spirit’ as they gathered together as neighbours, families, friends, brothers and sisters to watch NDP 2014 Live Screening at the Pasir Ris East Community Club.

"They even took a ‘Wefie’ to remember this day too. HAPPY 49th NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE! WE LOVE YOU SINGAPORE!"

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