Gym member says she was threatened by another over husband 'trespassing' to reserve spot for her

Submitted by Stomper Suan

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Fitness first or drama first?

A Fitness First gym member alleged she was verbally abused and threatened by another member after an incident involving the latter's husband.

It happened at the Ang Mo Kio Hub outlet on Sept 26.

Stomper Suan accused the husband, who was not a gym member, of "criminally trespassing" in the gym at 4.25pm, taking towels without permission and entering the main studio to reserve a spot in a 6.30pm fitness class for his wife.

The Stomper said she reported it to the staff who requested he remove the towels.

She alleged that the husband angrily hurled vulgarities at her and refused to leave until his wife returned at 5.30pm.

The wife then screamed and cursed at the Stomper and accused her of bullying the husband by not letting him reserve a spot for his wife, said the Stomper, who added the wife threatened her and told her to "watch out and better be careful".

All this was witnessed by the staff and other gym members, according to the Stomper.

She lamented: "It is sad that the Fitness First members paid gym fees and got (vulgarities) from a non-member, and there is nothing they can do."

On Oct 5, the Stomper started an online petition at, where she posted a copy of a police report, accusing the husband of criminal trespass and criminal intimidation.

She also shared an update on Oct 10 about "inequitable treatment" she received at the gym after the incident.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

When contacted by Stomp, Fitness First spokesperson said: "At Fitness First Singapore, we prioritise member safety and respect. We're committed to a secure and respectful environment, and we do not tolerate any form of disrespect or inappropriate behavior.

"In response to the recent incident involving member Suan and an unauthorized non-member, we're conducting an internal review to maintain this commitment.

"Our top priority is our members' well-being, and we're addressing this situation in line with our policies, cooperating with authorities as needed.

"We value our members' patience and trust and will ensure their continued security and respect."